Revamped and Reloved!

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

In recent years vintage fashion has taken the UK by storm. The impact on the environment from the mass production of clothes has made us and the industry take stock and rethink the need for all those collections. And luckily vintage fashion has had a make over with trendy instagramma's leading the way on where and how to get the best vintage fashion out there!

In todays market anything older than 20 years is considered vintage, which means 90s minimalism, 60's minidresses and 70's bell bottom pants are all making a come back.

And even if you don't want to rewear something totally vintage, it's not difficult to take something old and add or amend it to bring something new to your wardrobe.

“Get your scissors out”

Clothes are abandoned for a number of reasons, such as an awkward neckline or a scratchy label, so don’t be afraid to get the scissors out and make your vintage outfit your own.

Layering up and getting the most out of your vintage finds is another way to create a number of outfits from one. Wearing that summer maxi dress with a cable cardigan and roll neck for those winter months, means that you get two collections from one.

Vintage isn't always about old and stuffy, it's about getting creative, exploring fashion and creating a look which is unique. So, don't be afraid to rummage the charity shops, visit the vintage sellers online and even alter some of those unworn clothes to revamp your wardrobe and create your own collection.

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