Behind 'At No33, The Collective'

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

With a love for all things vintage, 'At No.33, The collective' was founded by mother and daughter partnership Shirley Surridge and Sarah Brighton in 2020. Their ambition and vision was to create an online platform where vintage enthusiasts could experience products from like-minded brands all in one place during the time when vintage fairs were put on hold due to Covid-19.

With a passion for recycling, reusing and discovering ways to make the old become new again, At No.33's collections are more than just fashion, they are about creating something unique and stylish from existing products. With their knowledge and experience of running their own individual vintage businesses over the years, Shirley and Sarah decided to combine forces and bring to you 'At No33'.

At No.33 The Collective

Where it began...

The inspiration for At No 33 started back in 2019 at House No 33 whilst holidaying in France.

Situated in the region Nouvelle-Aquitaine amongst many brocantes and vide-grenniers, Shirley described No.33 as " The perfect place to discover the beautiful world of French Vintage, as well as a sanctuary to formulate ideas and plan, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life."

"Discover the beautiful world of French Vintage"

From there, At No.33 was born and the exciting search for unique and beautiful vintage clothing, accessories and homewares expanded to create the brand.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

Sarah, owner and founder of Are You Wearing That (A.Y.W.T) loves all things beautiful, from vintage clothing, accessories to homewares. She says, "I can't disregard clothes because of a small blemish or tear, for me this is part of its history, story and its beauty."

Her journey into vintage started back at university after studying costume design for the stage and screen and her subsequent career as a buyer and assistant. Although her career changed direction, the love for vintage never went away. She bought her first vintage piece, a cream 60’s wool coat (which she still treasures to this day), from the wonderful Gigi’s in Wood Street. This inspired her to start her vintage business A.Y.W.T in 2018 and has never looked back.

"I don’t disregard clothes because of a small blemish or tear, for me this is part of its history, story and its beauty."

Vintage, Japanese style!

Vintage Japanese Kimono

In 2010, Shirley began her vintage journey by making clutch bags from vintage Japanese kimono fabrics. Both the silk fabrics and their beautiful designs appealed to her love of all things oriental, and in 2012 her company Arte'fice was born.

Lately, her love of all things silk and gorgeous has included rescuing vintage silks from India and remaking them into new garments. She has been making kaftans from these silks since 2017 and makes multiple orders for customers, each one is slightly different and unique, bringing a new chapter to its history.

The collective offers beautiful collections from brands Arte'fice, A Rosy Dot and Are You Wearing That (A.Y.W.T) and spans an eclectic range from Japanese Kimonos, 1920's evening wear to french vintage decanters - something for everyone indeed!

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